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Estonian citizenship and Estonian passport

Register of Estonian and European companies

Residence permit in Estonia / EU

Obtaining a residence permit in Estonia that is based on registration of Estonian company is the fastest way to get a new status – «Resident of The EU ».

The benefits of obtaining a residence permit in Estonia:

Many Russian citizens started to be interested in obtaining residency in Estonia after this country became a full member of the European Union in the year 2004. And it isn’t surprising. Residence permit in one of European countries has a lot of advantages. For example, this is a possibility of visa-free visits of European countries, higher quality of life, preferential European education, low cost of doing business, etc. Also there is the law of the absence of double taxation between Estonia and Russia. Estonian government shows a positive attitude according the fact that many foreigners are interested in doing business in the country. That’s why obtaining a residence permit in Estonia, that is based on registration of the Estonian company, is a pretty fast way to get the status of the European Union citizen.

Residence permit in Estonia shall be issued for a period of 2 to 5 years. According to the laws of Estonia it is necessary to have permanent residence permit to get all rights and duties along with other EU citizens. So after 5 years of having residence permit in Estonia you can submit the petition for citizenship in this country. There are much more difficult conditions for obtaining a residence permit in other European countries. For example, according to the Estonian legislation, foreign citizens , that have registered Estonian companies, obtain a 2 years residence permit in Estonia. And they have right for the further prolongation it up to 5 years. As for other European countries, residence permit is issued there only for 1 year and it must be renewed every 2 years; also residence permit must be renewed even annually at some other countries.

There are many benefits of registration his own company in Estonia. This is quit little cost of this procedure (comparing with other European countries) and positive tax policy. Especially Estonia is opened for foreign businessmen and their investments, cause it helps to increase growth of economics in the country. Foreign individuals and legal entities can register join-stock company or limited liability company. Foreign shareholders of Estonian companies can freely buy all kinds of movable and real estate property, land. It is also an undoubted advantage of obtaining a residence permit in Estonia that is based on registration of the Estonian company.

Nowdays, obtaining residence permit in Estonia is one of the most comfortable and quit easy way for Russians who wish to progress their business, move to Europe for permanent residence, to get a second citizenship, open up new horizons for themselves and their children’s future.

You get:

  • Residence permit in Estonia for a period of 2-5 years, the European ID card;
  • Estonian company (the profit tax to "0"; inexpensive service companies, internet accounting);
  • Estonian driver`s license (if it is desired);
  • In the future opportunity to obtain permanent residence, as well as the Estonian citizenship and Estonian passport.

The advantages of residence permit in the European Union (EU):

  • Unlimited staying all over the EU (with the right to work);
  • Visiting more than a hundred countries without a visa;
  • Eligible for a preferential / free education in Europe;
  • Import into Russia of vehicles free of customs duties (temporary import up to 1 year);
  • Tax planning (using of the law of no double taxation of Russia / Estonia);
  • "Personal Safety" - the ability of quickly and legally leave the country in case of "force majeure" circumstances;
  • In case of withdrawal of the Estonian driver`s license in Russia in any situation, you can quickly restore them in Estonia;
  • and other benefits.

Residence permit in Estonia (EU):

  • Preparing of the set of documents takes nearly 10 days;
  • Preparing of the set of documents takes nearly 10 days;
  • Cost of preparation of the documents depends on demanded term, a number of people (members of a family or business partners);
  • There is no need to visit Estonia, only you should issue a power of attorney.

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